Insights for YNAB

The Best YNAB Companion Mobile App for Reports and Data Visualization

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Mobile Reporting for YNAB

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of reports and data visualizations available on the YNAB mobile app? If you're primarily a YNAB mobile app user, the answer is probably yes.

You lack the tools to gain insight on your mobile device. You wish you could have the power of reports found on desktop but it is either too inconvenient or inaccessible to you.

Insights for YNAB provides useful, clean, and understandable data visualizations to empower you to manage your money, on-the-go.

What reports will Insights for YNAB provide?

Am I living within my means month over month? (Income vs Expense)

(Income vs Expense)

Am I actually spending what I'm planning?

(Spending vs Budgeted)

Where do I regularly overspend?

(Reporting by Category)

How does it work?

We use YNAB's public API to retrieve your YNAB data securely. We do not store your data on any servers. Your data stays private between you, your phone, and YNAB's servers. We use the industry standard OAuth to securely connect with YNAB. In YNAB's own words:

"OAuth is a secure way for a third-party application to obtain delegated but limited permissions to a user account and is appropriate for use in applications that need to gain limited authorized permissions to accounts they do not own."